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For children from 5 years old

I use mainly a wonderful story in French called La Petite Grenouille – The Little Frog - which has songs and activities following a natural learning progression and constant revisions.

In Spanish a set of different books and material is used. We do songs, play cards, colour, draw and learn while having fun.

'Thank you so much for the Spanish lessons you gave my daughter. She has learnt so much in such a fun way she didn't realise how much language she was picking up. What a wonderful positive introduction to learning a language. Vocabulary has to be learnt, but when done in a physical format with a made-up play, she loved it. Thank you again.'


Fran (Elena's mum from Crowmarsh-Gifford school)

French and Spanish books for children

'I've been learning Spanish with Marie since I was five and I have lots of fun. I could speak some Spanish when I went on holiday in Spain and people understood me! I enjoy doing the books together and look forward to our lessons'


Xander  8years old

comic style bubble
child's goodbye note to tutor


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