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GCSE, IGCSE, A Level, European Baccalaureate etc.

Don’t leave it the last minute, with regular lessons, you will quickly see your level improve and you will get the confidence you need for your exams.



During the sessions you will consolidate your school knowledge with a deeper understanding of the grammar of your chosen language, which means that instead of knowing a few set sentences, you will acquire tools to build up an infinite number of sentences of your choice. This will increase your communicative confidence. One to one tuition allows you to practice what you cannot do so easily in class: oral presentation, conversation, pronunciation, understanding the points you need to work on and addressing those needs in a relaxing learning environment. The session is yours and it will be tailored for you.

If you are preparing for your A Level, bring the topics you want to study especially and we will study those in depths, with all the other requirements of the exam. 

'Marie has been my Spanish tutor for the past 4 years. I have always enjoyed Spanish but having Marie as a personal tutor has given me the opportunity to practice both my written and oral skills on a weekly basis. I have been seeing Marie through my GCSE's, A-S and A Level years and I am sure that my grades have improved as a result and certainly my confidence prior to exams has grown. I would recommend Marie to anyone studying Spanish as she has always tailored our lessons to suit me and concentrated on areas where I felt I needed improvement, which has not always been possible in my school lessons.'                

Sophie,  A-Level Student at St Helen and St Katharine, Abingdon

'Last year I went to the European School in Culham where I had to learn French to a very high standard. I needed help quickly due to poor teaching in the past as I needed to pass my baccalaureate and so I turned towards tutoring. I am very glad I picked Marie as she is incredibly helpful and a highly skilled tutor. Being of French nationality, and having a good standard of English means that Marie will always be able to help you whatever the problem is. As well as being a very good teacher she is also a genuinely lovely person and very easy to get on with. If it wasn’t for Marie I wouldn’t have done as well as I did in my French exam. I couldn’t recommend her more highly and I urge anyone to be taught by Marie as it will really improve their performance substantially.' Jonathan Wood, 17

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