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For pleasure or for work

Whether you want to learn French or Spanish for pleasure or for your work or studies, the lessons will be adapted to your needs. Traditional methodologies can be used alongside less conventional ones but both ensure that progress is consistent and measurable. A variety of material is used to complement the teaching.

'As one gets on in life, it becomes more difficult to learn a new language, but with gentle persistence, Marie takes you at your own pace through the intricacies of the French language.  Gradually, school-based fears of “getting it wrong” are replaced by the pleasure of learning in a relaxed and homely environment. Using a wide range of methods and speaking only in French, Marie guides the adult learner step by step.  Progressing through grammar, vocabulary and interesting topics, the progressive structure of the lessons opens a window into French history, people, culture, entertainment and geography.  Mysteries and intriguing people bring suspense and humour into the well acted oral material, and parallel exercises promote an in-depth understanding of the learning points. Marie will generously answer queries between lessons, accept material by email, suggest books and CD’s, and make full use of the internet to widen the topics being studied. I would recommend Marie to all hesitant adults who yearn to speak French with accuracy, confidence and with an authentic French accent.' Annette Goulden, retired Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist


'I have known Marie for ten years in her capacity as a private tutor of the French language.  She was recommended to me by Oxford Brookes University and over this period she has successfully tutored me on a structured French language course which I undertook in support of my post-graduate studies. This has been followed by regular weekly conversational French tutorials which are ongoing. Having also studied under several tutors at the Institut Français in London, I can sincerely say that, in my opinion, she is superior in her teaching to all of those tutors I encountered there. I consider the fact that she is a French national to be a great advantage to students.'

J. A. Brown, Company Director, retired

Marie helped me brush up my 20 year old GCSE in French in specific preparation for a job interview for a French company. Her understanding of what was required, her patience and her ability to quickly assess my skill level enabled me to make very rapid progress. Marie was very thorough in providing written examples and sound recording of key parts of the lessons to allow focused practice between lessons. I can whole heartedly recommend her as a language tutor.


Tutoring ADULTS

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